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TURBO series multifunctional water gun


2400 EN B

2130 EN C

2750 EN B

The AWG Turbo series multi-function water gun has many advantages that can be mentioned, so that the water gun operator can still operate freely even when the line of sight is poor. In addition, its robust design fully guarantees excellent reliability, safety and speed.

The opening and closing of the multifunctional water gun is realized by a large bow-shaped handle; and the flow rate is adjusted by a rotating ring. For the Turbo Multi-Function Water Gun 2400, for example, the flow patterns are 130, 235, and 400 liters/min (at 6 bar pressure). The water gun can be operated safely even in the case of poor vision: a lug indicates the flow gear you have selected. When the flow setting is adjusted, the rotating ring can be audible and noticeable when it rotates and bites.

You only need to rotate the red protective tip (buffer tip) to switch between DC and spray flow. There is also a lug here to simplify the setting process: the lug is on the top, indicating that it is a 45° blooming spray, when the lug rotates counterclockwise, it reaches 120° spray spray, and when the lug rotates clockwise, it reaches direct current spray. The selected mode is closed and fixed by the rotary ring. Its ball bearing coupling connection is rotatable even under pressure, thus ensuring that the water gun operator can move without restriction.

By using the AWG turbo series multifunctional water gun, with its optimized spray spray design, you can achieve the best fire extinguishing effect.

This technology specially developed by AWG ensures that effective droplet size, droplet velocity and spray flow are completely distributed in the cone spray.

The fixed cutting teeth on the top of the gun head can reflect the jet inward to form a cone spray filled with small droplets, which can absorb a lot of heat, such as in a closed space (compartment). The rotatable cutting teeth at the top of the gun head ensure that the smallest droplets are produced.

The AWG Turbo multi-function water gun can be applied to 380 KV high voltage electrical equipment at a distance that meets the requirements of DIN VDE 0132.

No matter how difficult the emergency task you have to face-this multifunctional water gun can complete the task well. The AWG TURBO series multifunctional water gun allows you to operate intuitively, even under great pressure. With clear and easy-to-understand functions, you can put out the fire without any distractions.

2 lugs for operation-although small but very useful

The setting switch of flow rate A and injection mode B can be realized through a smaller rotation angle,

Even in poor sight conditions, these positions can be easily sensed through these two lugs. The set closing point can make a clear sound and can be touched,

And can prevent misadjustment.

A The rotating ring for setting the flow generally has three settings

Lugs on top: medium flow rate

Lug on the right: low flow rate

Lug on the left: high flow rate

B By rotating the head of the water gun, the spray mode can be selected.

Direct current spray, blooming and spray mode suitable for personnel protection, the spray angle ranges from 0 to 120°, and the spray angle of some water guns can reach 160°.


Foaming agent mounting frame and foaming agent FIRE-EX TURBO 1000

Foam tube

Recoil elbow bracket-interface 2X STORZ 52 (C)

AWGpng 2.png

2235 EN C

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