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625-2 mobile portable self-swing fire water monitor

Protek self-swing portable mobile fire monitor can effectively output strong direct current and spray spray water flow without being on duty. It is suitable for fire fighting, cooling and protecting firefighters, especially for fire scenes with dangerous goods. This self-swinging fire monitor is driven by a hydraulic turbine, which can drive the gun head to swing at a steady back and forth frequency when unattended. This self-swing design can reduce the long-term mechanical operation of fire monitors by firefighters, effectively reduce the fatigue of firefighters, and also save manpower for firefighters.

Take care of other rescue work on site. Optional single inlet (Type 625-1) or double inlet (Type 625-2).

Type 625-2 Water Cannon + Type 822 Water Cannon Head

625-2 +822Chat.png
625-2 +822Chat1.png
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