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Features & Advantage

• Best balance of performance and weight. Minimize weight and size without sacrificing

performance, achieving the best balance between performance and weight in pumps of the

same grade.The lightest & the most compact model in its class.

• High volume water flow.At 3m suction height, 2050 Lit /min @ 0.6MPa

• Delivers water up to 1,000 m away for ZE1500A

• The best suction performance in its class (9m / 30ft).

• Outstanding quickness of priming speed with rotary vane vacuum pump. Priming speed is

within 8.5s at suction height 7m.

• Smooth engine start with Electronic Fuel Injection System. Electronic Fuel Injection

System brings many benefits to an operator. Smoother and quicker throttle response, easier

starting in cold conditions and highlands area, more accurate adjustment to account for

extremes of ambient temperatures and changes in air pressure, more stable idling and no

engine stalling, and no carburetor related issues.

• 90 degree swinging twin outlets.

• CE approved.

• Application:Fire Fighting, Irrigation and Agriculture, Automotive Industry, Petrochemical

Industry, Industrial Utilities, Machining, Marine, Mining industry, Wastewater Transport

,Flood Control ,Commercial Buildings and Family Homes etc.

• Place of Origin:Assemble in China.

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