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Fire Equipments


Fire fighting robot "War Wolf 6000"

"War Wolf 6000" is a crawler-type multifunctional fire-fighting robot, using water mist technology, combined with a fire-fighting turbo fan. The unique feature of Wolf Warrior 6000 is: Multi-style spray mode control.

The Wolf 6000 multifunctional fire fighting robot is composed of a turbo fan installed on a crawler device. The fire-fighting robot can be controlled by a remote control, which is very flexible and versatile. The turbo fan is equipped with a nozzle ring, which can atomize the water into fine water mist. This water or water/foam particulate matter is driven by a propeller. The water mist can remove the heat from the fire very quickly and significantly reduce the temperature, thus achieving the effect of extinguishing fire.

The remote control especially provides higher on-site safety for firefighters. On the one hand, the fire brigade does not have to enter the emergency danger zone. On the other hand, for example, in a tunnel fire, the fire truck can be sent forward and follow the firefighters to pass the customs safely.

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Full control of spray pattern

Compared with similar vehicles, its biggest innovation is the ability to fully control the spray mode.

The water cannon head in the middle of the turbo fan combined with the tilt angle of the turbo fan, the firefighter can fully control the spray pattern, and can control the distance, direction and droplet size of the water mist. And all this can be achieved only with the remote control.

The cannon head can move to the left and right, so it can distinguish fires in a larger area. This function is especially useful when operating on tracks, in tunnels, or in narrow spaces where the robot itself cannot move much.

The spray pattern is adjustable, from blooming water mist to a concentrated range of direct water jets. Different spray patterns and water flow can be controlled by the remote control. This is also an innovation, so firefighters must be able to adjust the water flow.

The water flow rate is 6,000 liters/minute

The water flow rate of the turbine is very high, up to 6,000 liters per minute. Therefore, the robot can be used in industrial areas where large fires may occur. The turbine of the fire-fighting robot can also be used with foam.

Based on these characteristics and its compact body, the robot can be used to extinguish various fires. Typical applications include tunnel fires, chemical industry, oil refineries, forest fires and even urban centers.

Standard and additional functions of the robot

Each robot is equipped with an integrated video system, and you can see the situation in front of the robot on the tablet. The operator of the fire-fighting robot obtains the precise information of the current field through the video system. The operator can accurately see the situation in front of the turbine, so as to bring the robot to the fire source more quickly and extinguish the fire more effectively.

The robot also has an integrated self-protection system. Six nozzles are installed on the track and turbine, and only a portion of the water is used to cool and protect the machine.


Other optional accessories for Wolf Warrior include:

  • Exhaust pipe

  • Different nozzles

Functional advantages, at a glance:

  • The water cannon head in the turbine can be moved to the left and right, which makes the robot more flexible in extinguishing fire (patent applied for)

  • The water flow rate of the turbine is up to 6.000 liters per minute

  • Use the remote control to adjust the water flow

  • Water mist mode for turbines with better cooling effect

  • Since the robot is operated by the remote control-improve the safety of firefighters

  • Turbine and foam can be used together

  • Due to its unique technology, the robot can be used to extinguish various fires

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