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Fire Equipments


LEADER MIX 200-1000v2 foam mixer

LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器.png

The system automatically proportions various types of foam concentrates, with a proportion ranging from 0.3% to 6%

Automatic system & automatic sensor :

  • Ideal compromise design between traditional Venturi sensor and traditional automatic system : it can provide a wide range of flow rates and injection ratios

  • Spontaneity : No power required

  • Reduced maintenance : simple mechanical design

Large range of use :

  • Can replace 3 traditional sensors (200, 400 and 800)

  • Wide flow range, from 200 l/min to 1050 l/min

  • Wide working pressure range, from 5 bar to 16 bar

  • Measurement accuracy meets EN16712 standard

LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器2.png

Reduce the amount of injectable foam concentrate

  • The precise measurement range of foam concentrate is 0.3% to 6%

  • Automatically adapt to the flow rate selected by the nozzle

Suction is generated every time foam is needed!

  • The foam concentrate can be injected immediately even during the pulse

  • Working pressure is even lower than 10 bar

  • Nothing to do with flow changes

LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器3.png

key point

  • Reliable and accurate products

  • Foam every time

  • Wide flow range

  • Efficient foam

  • Compact structure

  • Reduce maintenance (no electronics)

2 versions are available:

  • Fire truck or fixed foam fire extinguishing system (optional remote control panel)

  • Ground application (hose laying)

LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器Chat.png

Advantages in other fields...

  • Water level ("foam-free concentrate injection" position): less than 800 liters/minute, compared with traditional venturi syringes, the pressure loss at the water level is smaller: only 0.8 bar pressure loss at 500 liters/minute

  • The water inlet is equipped with a pressure gauge

  • Simple button flush valve

LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器Chat2.png
LEADER MIX 200-1000v2泡沫混合器1.png

The hose connecting the LeaderMix to the remote control panel: Reference 2009117

  • Pneumatic hose 8mm

  • Maximum working pressure 22 bar

  • black

  • 6 pipes (pressure gauge, flush valve...) are needed between LeaderMix and the panel

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