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TT-MIX Pro air mixer

NARDI COMPRESSORI's new TT-MIX PRO air mixer is a versatile and easy-to-operate mixing device for filling and refilling gas cylinders. Just set an accurate and balanced mixture on the display, and TT-MIX PRO will autonomously complete all the work from the beginning to the final stage of operation when the compressor is stopped. Equipped with a dual inlet for oxygen and helium, gas sensors, touch screen display with integrated software for automatic mixing of mixtures and refills. Equipped with a unique patented system, automatic pressure and flow regulator. This magical system is a good time management device, because there is no longer a need to supervise operations, and other tasks can be continued. The idea behind this TT-MIX PRO is to provide maximum safety and absolute control for mixed activities.

1 Touch screen display
2 power plug
3 I/O power switch
4 air inlet
5 Mixture outlet (NITROX-TRIMIX, connected to the compressor)
6 helium inlet coupling (6-8 Bar / 87-116 Psi)
Helium inlet connection 7
8 helium sensor
9 Oxygen inlet coupling (6-8 Bar / 87-116 Psi)
10 Oxygen inlet connection
11 oxygen sensor
12 Stirring tube
13 cooling fan
14 LAN or WI-FI connection for PC and tablet
15 Peripheral connection
16 oxygen safety valve
17 helium safety valve
18 Wall mount bracket

Mix Pro1.png
Mix Pro set.png
Mix Pro set1.png

The blender can be connected to a modem or LAN network so that it can be operated from a remote location via a PC, tablet or smartphone. No matter where you are, you can use NardiBlender computer software or use remote access software (such as VNC Viewer) (also available as iOs and Android free apps) to connect directly to monitor or stop mixing at any time.

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