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TAF35 TRUCKED VEHICLE Multifunctional Fire Fighting Robot


The TAF35 Tomahawk is an innovative turbine. It can spray water up to 4,700 liters/min into mist-like droplets and spray the droplets to a long distance. The huge water surface formed by the droplets and the huge volume formed by the water mist, combined with the traditional foam concentrate, can ensure the efficient elimination of hazardous substances, achieving extraordinary cooling effects and extraordinary fire extinguishing capabilities.

1) Chemical facilities: Eliminate hydrogen chloride and trichlorosilane in the EVONIK plant.

2) Tunnel: fire extinguishing, eliminate smoke and provide cooling and ventilation support.

3) Fuel depot: stationary and mobile systems for fire extinguishing and cooling.

4) Airport: extraordinary cooling effect and extraordinary fire extinguishing ability.

5) Refineries and industrial sites: Use 1% AFFF (water film-forming foam fire extinguishing agent) to have the best fire extinguishing ability for 3D objects.

6) Forest fire extinguishing: the best application method of flame retardant products that saves concentrated liquid.

remote control

A remote control can control all functions on TAF20

Water mist mode

Maximum efficiency

0 to 1.500 liters/min

High flow model

Water mist

0 to 3.500 liters/min

Maximum projection distance

0 to 4.000 liters/min

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