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Portable Smoke Blocker portable smoke screen

Portable Smoke Blocker Portable Smoke Blocker can prevent smoke and heat from spreading from the burning building area to the unaffected area. With an easy-to-operate tension rod, it can be quickly installed on the door or at the entrance. After installation, the door to the affected area can be opened, fire fighters can enter the back of the room, and their operations can be carried out in a building where there is no spread of smoke and heat. Ventilate the stairs with positive pressure in areas where there is no smoke or burning, and keep residents' escape routes and fire fighters' retreat paths smoke-free. Provide safe support for approaching fire fighters as much as possible. In the case of respiratory protection emergency, the time for rescue operations is greatly reduced. Dangerous situations can be effectively reduced or avoided through smoke and heat diffusion.

  • Prevent the spread of smoke and heat

  • Keep escape routes and retreat methods smoke-free

  • Fast and safe installation

  • Fits all common sizes of doors

  • Heat-resistant fabric-up to 600°C

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Reduce smoke damage

  • Perfect supplement, positive pressure ventilation

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