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Pacific Series MX


The bearing of the crankshaft has rollers, which is very sturdy and made in Europe to ensure the long life of the compressor. The oil pump removes impurities through a filter and a magnet that can absorb any metal present in the lubricating oil, and provides constant lubrication for the internal work of the body. Compressed air cooling is achieved through inter-stage stainless steel cooling coils.

Pacific MX

Pacific MX breathing air compressor is a product series, including several products manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI, which are designed to provide breathable air for filling cylinders for different applications (ie: scuba diving, safety and rescue, military, etc.) . PACIFIC is a group of compressors with different capacities, with extremely high efficiency and robust mechanical performance, which can ensure several hours of operation. PACIFIC MX is a compressor belonging to Pacific. Its air delivery rate ranges from 400 liters per minute to 700 liters per minute.

The quality of the compressor body

The compressor body or pump unit is the core component of the PACIFIC compressor, and it is the key component that NARDI pays special attention to. It has characteristics that make it unique in the world. Among them, light alloys with high thermal efficiency are used, such as aluminum alloys also used in cylinder structures. The pump set is not painted to enhance the heat dissipation of its low-corrosion assembly components.


Rack efficiency

The soundproof frame or cabinet consists of panels designed to work in and withstand harsh environments. In addition, the sound-absorbing lining of the panel makes the cabinet have a good sound insulation effect. Large wing-shaped fan blades can not only ensure very low sound pressure, but also ensure efficient ventilation.

Control and Electronics

In order to make the compressor run normally, NARDI designed a new electronic control panel. This new system controls all key points such as temperature, oil level, current consumption, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, and manages all valves and solenoid valves. In addition, the electronic control panel handles service plans and monitors the status of the filtering system.


Purification of filtration system

The compressor is equipped with various filters and separators. In addition to two separators assembled on the compressor body, there is also a separator assembled on a cabinet dedicated to air. The compressor is equipped with two large filters to ensure that breathable air is provided during most of the working hours, in compliance with the UNI EN 12021:2014 standard. Then use the innovative air control system to analyze the compressed air, connect with the electronic panel, and display the humidity, CO level, CO2 level and air temperature in real time. The system will not empirically calculate or check the cartridges, but will perform analysis. When the results do not match the breathing air standard, it will automatically stop the compressor.

Economic efficiency

All equipment in the compressor is designed to optimize operating costs and labor costs. When the compressor is running to optimize the cost, NARDI designed the compressor's automatic condensation discharge device, which is equipped with a unique patented flooding system, which can reduce 80% of the exhaust volume when the entire system is pressurized.


1 Compressor body
2 Three-phase motor
3 filter separator
4 First filter PAC3
5 second filter PAC3

6 Condensation discharge
7 Pressure gauge-valve outlet pressure
8 Electronic control panel
9 Acoustic panel
10 Compressor access door


Open compressor frame 1
2 Silent compressor
3 double cylinder racks (optional)
4 gas cylinder storage box (optional)
Side panel 5 (optional)

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