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SANY + AIR portable atomization disinfection machine



SANY + AIR disinfection machine is the ace of NARDI's new medical oil-free compressor series, specially designed for epidemic prevention and disinfection. Due to the atomization treatment of the disinfectant, it can disinfect many types of environments and surfaces. Such as: can be used in hospitals, offices, homes, schools, hotel rooms and other places, can be sprayed on electronic equipment, computers, telephones, fabrics, furniture, sanitary ware and other objects.
The components are all made and certified in Italy, and their high efficiency and performance allow you to spray disinfection without interruption for a long time.
SANY + AIR is a low-pressure oil-free compressor, equipped with a pressure gun, which can spray disinfection products with a very small amount of gas.

High quality and durable

Nadi utilizes its years of experience in R&D, design and production of oil-free compressors, and ingenuity introduces you this SANY + AIR disinfection machine with stylish design and practical performance. It is equipped with a small but powerful movement and extremely durable pump set. The solid material used enables this small oil-free compressor to work continuously for many hours without any maintenance, which is very efficient and stable. The compressor is equipped with a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge, which can intuitively and quickly adjust the knob to obtain the required working pressure.
In fact, this oil-free compressor has the same technology as the professional use in the medical industry, such as the compressor series for dental clinics. High quality is worthy of your trust!

easy to use

SANY + AIR is a simple and easy-to-use atomization disinfection machine. Compact structure, light and portable, convenient for storage. Once the liquid to be sprayed is poured into the small tank, plug into the power socket, just press the red switch button, with the help of the pressure reducer and flow regulator on the oil-free compressor, the intensity of the spray and the vaporized droplets can be determined the amount.

Efficient and saving

SANY + AIR It has a constant amount of spray characteristics, so that the disinfectant product can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the object. The amount of fog is large and the particles are as fine as smoke. Therefore, it does not need to be air-dried (it takes a long time). Equipped with a 5-meter-long spiral tube, it can move quickly and freely around any place and object. There is no dead angle in 360°.
A drop of disinfection product will not be wasted, because once it is mixed with compressed air, it will completely transform into a micro atomized state, which will disinfect your environment.

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