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MuitiploX Chain Rescue Kit

These are the number of seconds to determine success or failure in the event of a serious accident. The extreme deformation and modern design of the vehicle have made the work of rescuers increasingly complicated.

Simple and effective is to use the STABLOX chain rescue kit. The methods and equipment that have been successfully standardized in Scandinavia have achieved rapid and cost-effective rescue of patients. Pulling out the working space of the fire brigade can realize the parallel work of medical rescue and technical rescue. Chain rescue can be used very successfully in various accident situations, such as frontal collisions, side and rear collisions.

For a wider range of applications, the chain rescue kit includes two safety hooks and a casting hook, which can be hooked onto the hooks installed in the system.

In order to not have to work directly on the victims of the accident during the salvage operation, and to carry out construction through two emergency services, the physical and mental stress of the deployed troops can be reduced by using chain rescue.


Chain rescue is a common practice for Scandinavian firefighters to release trapped victims after a traffic accident. The average is 10-15 minutes. It takes until the patient can be transported on a stretcher.

GUNNEBO's product is the standard sling for chain rescue in Scandinavia. Since the GrabiQ series has an integrated shortening jaw, it reduces the number of parts and allows flexible use of the chain. GrabiQ is a modular concept that allows a wide range of applications.

The chain rescue kit is made of 8 mm 10 grade material and allows a load of up to 2.5 tons. Higher loads are possible.

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