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Ideal for ventilation of large building structures
Used for effective ventilation of large-scale industrial facilities, underground parking lots, high-rise buildings, airports, shopping malls or miles of long tunnels; tests in traffic tunnels show that the measured air output can reach 1,000,000m3/h. Using this equipment to implement rescue and fire fighting operations can be faster, safer and more efficient. After a fire in the manufacturing workshop, the use of this equipment for ventilation can significantly shorten the downtime.

The ventilation equipment is equipped with powerful and reliable automobile engines. It is an ideal partner for various fire fighting units and is convenient for handling various fires or dangerous incidents in large building structures.


High power
The rated air output is 220,000 m3/h. Depending on the specific operating conditions, the air output can be increased several times, up to 1,000,000 m3/h.

  • Air output up to 1,000,000 m3/h

  • Thrust up to 2,600 N

  • The engine is trustworthy and highly reliable

  • Air output up to 1,000,000 m3/h

  • Thrust up to 2,600 N

  • The engine is trustworthy and highly reliable

Light weight
The fan shell adopts clamshell design with excellent aerodynamic performance and is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material. The fan blades are specially designed and made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, allowing the fan to run at a higher speed.
Weight: 320 kg

Well-designed engine
The MGV L125 ventilator is driven by a four-cylinder in-line engine through a toothed belt. The power system is a well-designed automobile engine (gasoline or diesel), with an output of millions of units. The reliability has reached the highest level and the maintenance requirements are low.
Engine: Ford Duratec 1.6L VCT

Optimal fan regulation performance
This machine is equipped with a "lift-turn-tilt" device, which can perfectly adjust the machine to make it suitable for the structural conditions of the job site. Even if the site installation is restricted or the entrance condition of the building structure is not good, the machine can easily get over. This machine will not block the escape route, and the adjustment is light and quick, which can save precious time, and if the MVU is adjusted in other ways, it will consume a lot of time.


Increase 0.6m

Tilt up +20°

Downward -20°

Rotation ± 100°


  • 280 l/min (7 bar)

  • Spray up to 80 m

Spray water mist to effectively cool down
This machine is equipped with a water mist spray system, which can cool objects and suppress toxic gases. The dense water mist of this machine has excellent heat absorption capacity. 14 nozzles are integrated on the stator to achieve the best distribution of water droplets in the airflow. The water mist spray system ensures safety for fire fighting operations and protects the lives of firefighters.

Exhaust ventilation and directional exhaust
The air duct system can be used to extract the cooled smoke and contaminated air from enclosed spaces, basements, underground parking lots or other spaces with only one opening. The system has two adapter ports for installation on the pressure side or intake side of the fan and a set of four 6m long (Ø 800 mm) ventilation pipes.

If long-distance air extraction is required, lengthen the vent pipe.


Single operation
The new color TFT display can display all relevant information: fan speed, air output, power level, fuel stock, oil stock, oil temperature, coolant temperature, battery voltage, elapsed time, error, and motor diagnostic information. Allow to change language and data unit.

All operations can be performed by wearing fire-fighting gloves and by levers and switches.

  • Easy to operate

  • TFT display

  • LED lighting technology

  • Up to 30,000 lumens


Provide a variety of lighting options for users to choose from, from a single LED lighting to a pole with multiple LED lighting, providing ideal high-power spot lighting. No need to connect an external power source. The lighting battery is charged by the MVU engine

Technical Parameters

Water mist system
Approximately 280 l/min at an output water volume of 7 bar
Water droplet diameter is about 220 μm
Interface according to the country of use


Up-turn-tilt device
Lifting height 610 mm
Tilt angle ± 20°
Rotation angle ± 100°
The operating foot pump is hydraulically operated. 12V hydraulic pump (manual rotation)

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MGV-L125 Mobile Ventilator Trailer

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