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GP3580 large flow trailer gun


Trailer size is about 4500mmx2100mm

• Comply with Australian VSB1 design rules
• The steel plate installed on the platform frame is finished and punched by the aluminum rolling mill to facilitate drainage and prevent slippage when people enter to ensure safety
• Finished and perforated pedals of the aluminum rolling mill, one for each of the left and right rear corners
• The surface of the mild steel frame is shot blasted and painted
• The surface of the steel fender is shot blasted and painted
• The traction rod can be adjusted to suit the traction of vehicles of different heights
(Note: the position is locked during adjustment)
• Annular tow coupling with hydraulic brake cylinder
• Traction coupling hand brake
• Rated axle weight of 1400kg, with 9-inch drum brake
• 2 x 195R14C rims and tires
• 4 wheel bearing seats
• Idler installed on the traction rod, rated load 1000kg
• Install a lifting frame with a rated load of 4x2000kg, with a stroke of about 300mm, and a manual handle installed on its side
• Tie on every corner of the trailer platform
• Sealed battery compartment with hinged door, fixed in trailer below platform level
• LED multi-voltage tail lights and license plate lights are installed and wired to plugs for connecting trailers.
• The user provides the matching wiring on the trailer
• A charging plug is connected to the 24V battery pack, which can be charged with the vehicle alternator (customers provide matching 24v wiring on the trailer)

• Install LED lights around the trailer to illuminate the trailer platform and the ground around the trailer. Aluminum tool boxes are installed on the trailer platform with locks.
• (Its size can accommodate foam tube and Y-shaped branch)
• Electrical wiring from the battery to the display
• Operator’s manual, including a complete parts list and safe operation instructions
• 4 125mm threaded ports for connecting Akron 7950 valves provided by customers
• Pressure gauge (50mm) is installed on the inlet side of the butterfly valve at each inlet
• (A pressure gauge is installed at the entrance of each butterfly valve)
• 316 stainless steel pipes are welded and pressure tested, according to Australian national standard AS4041: 1998
• Maximum pressure 16 bar
• Exquisite design of piping structure, maximum effective flow and minimum pressure loss under 19,000LPM flow
• Mounting flange for 19,000LPM monitor
• The water supply pipe is fixed on the trailer to counteract the reaction force of water pressure in any direction

3580 Electronically Controlled Fire Water/Foam Cannon

-Light weight, the body and the gun head are less than 91kg
-The pitch angle range of the gun head position is 135° (+90° to -45°)
-Low flow loss (19,000 liters/min only 0.2MPa loss)
-Other advanced designs: can be automatically positioned or returned to position
-Additional functions: manual control, drainage valve, multiple water outlets and other positions in the state of power shortage
-Can be equipped with wireless remote control

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