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GP3000 large flow trailer gun


Trailer 4000 x 1700

-To comply with Australian design rules VSB1
-Aluminum alloy smooth perforated checkered plate platform installed to the platform frame
-Aluminum alloy smooth perforated checkered plate with steps on the left/right rear corner
-Painted steel frame
-Steel mudguard
-The telescopic rod can be adjusted in height to adapt to the tractor (note: lock the adjustment at the appropriate position)
-"O" type trailer ring-with brake system
-Connect the manual brake to the trailer hook
-1400 kg rated shaft and 9 inch drum brake
-2 195R14C rims and tires
-Wheel stop × 4 (to prevent wheels or heavy objects from sliding)
-1000 kg rated tow bar
-4 2000kg rated windproof station poles with 300mm telescopic handles
-The hoisting ring is on every corner of the trailer platform~ used to fix the trailer
-Sealed battery compartment
-LED tail lights and license plate lights, which can be connected to the car.
-LED trailer peripheral lighting ~ illuminate the surrounding trailer platform and ground
-Aluminum checkered plate toolbox ~ installed on the trailer platform
-Electrical wiring from battery to fire monitor


Piping system

-3 × 125 STORZ inlet and outlet
-Pressure gauge (50mm) installed at each inlet of the American Amilong butterfly valve
-316 stainless steel pipe welding and pressure test to schedule pressure pipe code AS4041 3: 1998
-16 bar maximum pressure
-The pipeline is designed to maximize the efficiency of the process and minimize the flow pressure loss at 12,000LPM

3000 type AeroMaster12 vehicle-mounted electronically controlled fire monitor

-Flow rate reaches 12,000 lpm (3,000 gpm)
-Horizontal rotation angle: 355°; up and down rotation angle: +120°, -60°
-Speed ​​and pressure balance design make it have faster speed and longer durability
-Programmable obstacle avoidance
-Programmable one-key retract and expand, soft limit and self-swing function
-"Plug and Play" for easy installation
-Support proportional speed control
-Self-locking plug-in system can reach IP67 protection level
-Configurable model 3700 Akromatic automatic gun head and model 730 detachable foam gun barrel

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