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Functional advantages, at a glance:

With its own engine, no external power is needed, and it's on standby all-weather, ready to fight

The water flow rate of the turbine is up to 4800 liters per minute

Use the remote control or tap the screen to adjust the water flow

Water mist mode for turbo fan with better cooling effect

Turbine and foam can be used together

Because of its unique technology, it can be used to extinguish various fires. The trailer can be towed by various fire trucks to extinguish the fire.

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"GP20-T" is a trailer-mounted multifunctional smoke exhaust fire monitor. It adopts water mist technology and is combined with a fire-fighting turbine fan and a fire-fighting water monitor. Operation through the display screen or wireless remote control is very flexible and has a wide range of uses, such as controlling the moving direction of the turbofan, the lifting of the platform, the exhaust speed of the turbofan, and the various water outlet modes of the fire monitor (located in the middle of the turbofan). The turbo fan is equipped with a nozzle ring, which can atomize the water into fine water mist. This water or water/foam particulate matter is driven by a propeller. Water mist can quickly remove the heat from the fire and significantly reduce the temperature, effectively extinguishing a large area of fire.

Full control of spray pattern

Compared with similar vehicles, the biggest innovation is the ability to fully control the spray mode.

The water cannon head in the middle of the turbo fan combined with the tilt angle of the turbo fan, the firefighter can fully control the spray pattern, and can control the distance, direction and droplet size of the water mist.

And all this can be achieved with only the remote control

The turbo fan can automatically swing to the left and right, so it can distinguish fires in a larger area.

The spray pattern is adjustable, from blooming water mist to a concentrated range of direct water jets. Different spray patterns and water flow can be controlled by the remote control.

Suitable for use in industrial areas where large fires may occur.

The nozzles on the turbofan can be used with foam.

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