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A stabilization system for fixing and quickly lifting objects.

The versatile application options of the MULTIBLOX ST200 stabilization system set a new standard. The patented system always lifts objects parallel to the bottom plate. This design ensures that all its surfaces can be used to lift objects to be fixed.

Insert wedges to induce translation of the board. This method can smoothly support the vehicle and lift it out of the air. The FST 200 is designed to provide multiple system assembly options, so the wedges can be inserted from each side. The tapered pin allows the system to tilt.

It can withstand a force of 400 kN without sagging. The wedge cannot be moved. If a pressure plate or rescue ejector or expander support surface is required, a half stabilization system or cover plate can be used.

MULTIBLOX FST 200 chat.png
MULTIBLOX FST 200 chat1.png
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