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ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM Fluorine-free foam AR concentrate

The environmentally friendly product ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM is a real substitute for traditional foam concentrates. The new generation of synthetic FFF (fluorine-free foam) AR foam concentrate is based on a combination of hydrophilic natural polymers and anti-pollution surfactants.

ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM is pseudoplastic: the viscosity decreases during stirring. This feature allows it to be used even at low temperatures and low pressures.

  • Foaming ability : ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM can be used under low, medium and high expansion.

  • Fuel fire : At 3%, ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM can effectively control hydrocarbon fires and polar solvent fires. ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM can keep its moisture for a long time. This outstanding feature makes it very effective in polar solvent fires.

  • Environment : ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM is harmless to the environment and is completely biodegradable.

ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM is completely fluorine-free

Performance and application

ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM complies with the following standards:

  • EN 1568-1 ▪ EN 1568-2 ▪ EN 1568-3

ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM can be used with tap water, sea water and brackish water (at 3%) for hydrocarbon fires and polar solvent fires.
ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM can be used with compressed air foam system (CAF).
It applies to all known devices.

ECOPOL 無氟化合物泡沫AR濃縮液3.png
ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM 無氟泡沫AR濃縮液.png
ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM 無氟泡沫AR濃縮液1.png

warranty service

ECOPOL 3 PREMIUM has a shelf life of 10 years in the original packaging and storage temperature of -30 ℃/+60 ℃.
Our quality control laboratory provides its analytical expertise BIO-LAB.

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