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Super lightweight method of firefighting

A breakthrough in the evolution of foam fire extinguishers! Easier operation, lighter carrying weight, more options and unprecedented life-saving capabilities. Thanks to the CFK pressure vessel, consistent lightweight structure and optimized high-pressure technology, the HNE Carbon Series achieves previously unachievable performance.


Every well-known function of our portable fire extinguishers is realized in the new carbon series products, even exceeding all the proven HNE typical performance characteristics. The spray range exceeds 20 meters, allowing precise firefighting from a safe distance. The higher operating pressure again improves the foam production and can switch between wet/liquid and sticky consistency. Greatly expand the possibility of tactics to adapt to fire conditions.

  • The weight in the filled state is less than 20 kg *

  • Greater tactical range of action

  • Constant working pressure

  • Superior performance

  • 9 or 13 liter capacity

  • More than 20 meters of spray range

  • Improved agility

*Vario 9 Carbon Series

**When equipped with a rotating spray gun


VARIO carbon fiber series products achieve their excellent performance through a key feature, which distinguishes all its conventional foam fire extinguishers:

The constant high working pressure of 38Bar achieves unprecedented fire extinguishing performance.

The VARIO 9 series has reached the highest level of approval for portable fire extinguishers, while the VARIO 13 far exceeds this level.

Vario 13 carbon fiber series foam water mist fire extinguishing gun

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