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MFU 40-150 车载式细水雾系统.png

Electric high-performance fire fighting system, suitable for installation on light trucks, trailers, boats, etc. Can quickly switch from water or fog to CAFS foam. CAFS is produced by a refillable compression cylinder and is suitable for foams up to 6.000 liters. Strong flow rate and high working pressure ensure safe fire distance and multiple applications. A 30-meter fire hose on the integrated reel. Can be combined with water tanks of different shapes and sizes.

MFU 40-150 车载式细水雾系统1.png

Adjustable range and throughput of the spray gun with variable drive. Optional swivel joint with additional nozzles for zone effects.

MFU 40-150 车载式细水雾系统3.png

•Super effective HNE Hi-CAFS foam

• Low space requirements

• Fully operated by single personnel

• 30m hose, wide range of motion

• Ultra-high jet range

• Easy to maintain and refill

• Fast, efficient and versatile

MFU 40-150 车载式细水雾系统4.png

MFU 40-150 vehicle-mounted water mist system

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