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WATERAX STRIKER-3 is also called ULTRASTRIKER®, it is a vehicle-mounted fire pump mounted on the same platform as BB-4®, and can be interchanged with MARK-3® and BB-4®. STRIKER-3 provides additional pressure , Helps overcome longer distances and heights. It can be used alone, or in series or parallel with the WATERAX pump, and is also a very popular choice for sliding applications.

Features and advantages

  • Quick-release clamps and detachable pump ends minimize equipment downtime and inventory, and can easily replace internal pump heads

  • Unique anti-foaming mechanical rotary seal to extend the life of the pump end

  • Sealed bearings can eliminate on-site pump head lubrication

  • The belt drive system is reliable and requires only a small amount of maintenance

  • Aluminum alloy pump components and anodized parts are lighter and more resistant to corrosion

  • All in-vehicle devices include Fastwire.

  • EPA certification

Engine brand: Honda GX390 series

Engine type: gasoline 4-stroke

Flow rate at specified pressure

Maximum pressure: 345PSI (23.8 bar)

Free flow: 102 gallons/minute (386 liters/minute)

Maximum water head: 797' (243 meters)

Weight: 129 lbs (59 kg)

Striker-3 medium pressure forest fire pump

The STRIKER™ series is a full range of high-pressure fire pumps driven by Honda four-stroke engines.

Applications include cabin protection, anti-skid devices and snow making.



  • Water supply fire protection

  • In fire fighting operations, long hoses are used for remote watering

  • High-altitude fire fighting in mountainous areas

  • Long-distance tandem pumping

  • Higher capacity sliding device pumped in parallel

  • Snow making

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