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HP Vario 10 Foam Water Mist Fire Gun


NE products can be used directly and are easy to handle. Professionals all over the world recognize HNE products. HNE products use advanced materials and components to meet the highest requirements for wear resistance and compression. The products are of good quality, easy to operate, not only high efficiency, excellent performance and long-lasting durability, but also good cost-effectiveness. Even in the daily heavy task conditions, it can be adjusted to the best state of use.

The portable and movable HiCafs device produced by HNE is widely praised by users all over the world for its fast and effective fire extinguishing ability. In operation, the pressure, nozzle, nozzle and droplet size are all accurately coordinated. Standing at a safe distance, the generated water column can be accurately sprayed to the burning object. The use of liquid fire extinguishing agents, such as water, foam or viscous additives, can quickly absorb heat and isolate the burning objects, so that the minimum amount of extinguishing agent can be quickly extinguished.

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The new model HP Vario 10 can not only save Class A, B, and C fires, but also electric fires (Class E fires). It has passed the test of the International Fire Equipment Inspection Center. The new features of the product include a regulating valve, which can be adjusted to produce dry foam or wet foam to fight fires according to the fire environment. The new product has passed the certification of international institutions and successfully obtained international patent recognition.


The Vario system provides you with perfect foam in every situation.

HiPRESS-fluid foam

The combination of a constant working pressure of 38 bar and our optimized air mixing technology produces a compact jet of uniform wet foam. Spraying range and far higher kinetic energy resulting in large extinguishing effect, while a viscous fluid immediately penetrates the foam to a minimum combustion space object.

HiCAFS-sticky foam

The well-known and reliable HiCAFS function is expected to produce

Great mobility scope viscous air foam, having a lasting stability. Its jet power is the same as HiPRESS, and it can adhere to vertical surfaces or even in the air. Immediately after impact the bottom surface of the penetration, and to reliably prevent smoke formation and renewed.

Spray area effect

If the lance with a rotating, the system has a function to provide a shower area effect and significantly reduce the consumption of extinguishing medium carried. By simply rotating the rotary spray gun injection tube may be activated, it is an ideal tool for prophylactic as wetting or over a small flame burning and smoldering burning was extinguished.

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