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BIO FOR C wetting and foaming additive

BIO FOR C is a wetting and foaming additive used to fight forest fires, urban fires and industrial fires. Can be used at very low concentrations:

Wetting effect 0.1%-0.3%/foaming effect 0.3%-0.5%.

  • Wetting ability : The water containing BIO FOR C can penetrate deeply into all solids, thereby multiplying the fire-extinguishing ability and preventing early fire re-ignition. BIO FOR C speeds up the fire extinguishing speed of vegetation fires, car fires, house fires, garbage dump fires, plastic fires, tire fires, etc. The water-saving characteristics can reduce the cleaning work of destroying houses.

  • Foaming ability : BIO FOR C can be used in all known equipment under low expansion, medium expansion and high expansion. The foam sticks to the vertical structure for a long time.

  • Corrosion : BIO FOR C contains a nitrate-free additive, which has a strong inhibitory effect on metal corrosion.

  • Fuel fire : BIO FOR C is effective for all hydrocarbon fires, such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline... Therefore, it is very suitable for any vehicle fire.

  • Environment : BIO FOR C is harmless to the environment and is completely biodegradable.

​BIO FOR C is completely free of fluorine.

Performance and application

BIO FOR C meets the following standards:

  • EN 1568-1 ▪ EN 1568-2 ▪ EN 1568-3

  • Ocean: Bureau Veritas International Group Certificate

  • UL: NFPA 18

BIO FOR C can be used with compressed air foam system (CAF).
BIO FOR C can be used for all structural fires containing tap water, sea water and brackish water. Depending on the fuel and intervention measures-to extinguish fires or provide protection-we recommend different application methods:

BIO FOR C 潤濕和發泡添加劑1.png
BIO FOR C 潤濕和發泡添加劑.png
BIO FOR C 潤濕和發泡添加劑4.png
BIO FOR C 潤濕和發泡添加劑3.png
BIO FOR C 潤濕和發泡添加劑5.png

warranty service

The shelf life of BIO FOR C in the original packaging and storage temperature of -30 ℃/+60 ℃ is 10 years.
Our quality control laboratory provides its analytical expertise BIO-LAB.

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