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BIOFILM 3S Fluorinated synthetic AFFF foam concentrate 3%

BIOFILM 3S is a fluorine-containing synthetic foam AFFF, specially formulated for surfactant composition. As the water film isolates the fuel surface from the air, AFFF with film-forming properties enables BIOFILM 3S to have a faster extinguishing speed in hydrocarbon fires. BIOFILM 3S can be pre-mixed in the spray system, air bag tank...

  • Foaming ability : BIOFILM 3S can be used at low expansion. This fluid foam will not be contaminated by hydrocarbons and can facilitate powerful applications. BIOFILM 3S can be used during medium expansion to form a foam cover that prevents re-ignition.

  • Fuel fire : BIOFILM 3S is effective against all hydrocarbon fires, such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline...

  • Environment : BIOFILM 3S is easily biodegradable.

BIOFILM 3S 含氟合成AFFF泡沫濃縮液3_.png
BIOFILM 3S 含氟合成AFFF泡沫濃縮液3%.png
BIOFILM 3S 含氟合成AFFF泡沫濃縮液3%chat.png

Performance and application

BIOFILM 3S meets the standards:

  • EN 1568-3

  • Petroleum Industry: Lastfire Certificate

  • ICAO: Class B

  • Ocean: Bureau Veritas International Group Certificate

BIOFILM 3S can be used in hydrocarbon fires with tap water, sea water and brackish water (at 3%). It is compatible with dry powder fire extinguishing agents and is suitable for all known equipment.

warranty service

The shelf life of BIOFILM 3S in the original packaging and storage temperature of -30 ℃/+60 ℃ is 10 years.

Our quality control laboratory provides its analytical expertise BIO-LAB.

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