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20% performance enhancement

25% weight reduction

Super power

  • The concept of high pressure is adopted to form the ideal pressure inside the building

  • Improved fluidity and new baffles to optimize air flow and reduce power loss

  • Changed the impeller design to obtain higher efficiency

  • The tilt range has been extended to optimize the upwind airflow from the vent


Excellent ergonomic design

  • Multiple choices, innovative handles, easy to carry and hoist

  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable for people of larger or smaller body to use

  • Foot-operated tilt device, which can quickly adjust the fan

  • Ventilation can be easily achieved through stairs and deep wells

  • Optional lighting device to provide safety lighting on site

Compact size

  • Optimized size to minimize compartment space

  • Innovative material combination to reduce total weight


  • The water mist system can be installed quickly and easily by magnets, easy to modify, and can also be used in conjunction with different fans.

  • The lighting components use modern LED technology to achieve the best scene lighting.

  • The foam generator system uses the unique foam generator system BIG FlexiFoam. Foam is generated directly in the fire place.

  • The ventilation hose has good directional ventilation, and has different designs and lengths, which can be quickly and easily connected to the fan.

  • The smooth hole pipe can divert the air over a long distance and ventilate the dusty area without generating dust.


Optimization model program

The new high-performance fans are available in two sizes (equivalent to the previous models HP18 and HP21). Three different driving methods: internal combustion engine, single speed motor and variable speed motor.

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Whether it is a tactical approach or a ventilation concept, the research and development goal of high-performance fans is to best meet various working conditions.


BIG high performance fire fan

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