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Atlantic Series PG

Atlantic Series PG

BREATHING AIR (breathing air) is a product series, including several products designed by NARDI compressors for diving and rescue. The Atlantic series is a compressor with very high efficiency, high mechanical strength, compact structure and light weight.

Compressor unit quality

The compressor unit or pump unit is the core of the Atlantic series compressors. This is a key component that NARDI pays special attention to. It has unique characteristics in the world, such as the use of light alloys with high thermal efficiency (such as aluminum used to make cylinders). Alloy), the pump set is not painted to enhance the heat dissipation performance of its low-corrosion assembly components.


The crankshaft bearings are all made in Europe to ensure the compressor has a long life. The cooling task of the compressed air is completed by the inter-stage aluminum and stainless steel cooling coils. This small compressor with 4 compression stages, all piston rings are made of cast iron, so it will still have high performance for a long time.

The crankshaft bearing has rollers and is very sturdy (made in Europe), which guarantees the long life of the compressor. The oil pump provides constant lubrication for the internal work of the unit through a filter and a magnet that absorbs the metal present in the lubricating oil, while removing impurities. Compressed air cooling is accomplished through inter-stage stainless steel cooling coils.

Rack efficiency

The frame is designed to reduce weight and size, making the compressor lightweight and portable, and the aluminum frame is coated with epoxy powder coating. Powder coating and stainless steel components can also protect the compressor from corrosion in the marine environment.

Filter purity

The compressor is equipped with a filter and a separator. In addition to the separator, the machine is also equipped with a filter to ensure that the breathing air quality meets the UNI EN 12021:2014 standard.

Economic performance

All equipment in the compressor is designed to optimize operating costs and labor costs. Compressor operation can optimize the cost. NARDI designed the compressor's automatic condensate drain device, which is equipped with a unique patented slow flow system, which can reduce 80% of the exhaust volume, thereby saving the pressure of the entire system.

Fill the valve

The compressor is equipped with a high-pressure filling valve, and the customer requires the use of multiple different connectors, 200 Bar and 300 Bar. The component structure is easier to use. In fact, just one turn of the knob can close the air passage and depressurize the valve to remove the cylinder.

1 intake filter
2 compressor unit
3 flywheel cover
4 -level isolator
5 filter ATL
6 Pressure maintenance valve

ATLANTIC P chat.png

7 Filling hose connectors (up to 2)
8 Filling valve with pressure gauge
9 Automatic condensate drain (optional)
10 Final pressure switch with automatic stop function (optional)
11 electric motor
12 chronograph (optional)
13 aluminum powder coating frame

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ATLANTIC P image1.png
ATLANTIC G image.png
ATLANTIC G image1.png
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