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SANY + AIR 消毒機是NARDI 公司新型醫用無油壓縮機系列中的王牌,專為防疫消毒而設計。由於消毒液的霧化處理,因此,可以對多種類型的環境和物體表面進行消毒。如:可用在醫院,辦公室,家庭,學校,酒店客房等場所,可噴灑在電子設備,計算機,電話,織物,家具,衛生潔具等物體使用。全意大利製造和認證的組件,其高效率和性能允許您長期不間斷噴霧消毒。SANY + AIR 是一款低壓無油壓縮機,配有壓力槍,可以用非常少量的氣體噴灑消毒產品。


Produces fine dry mist down to 50 microns or less (about 10x fi ner than light rain)

Sprays and micro nebulises sanitising liquid from unique spray gun nozzle

SPECIFICALLY designed for disinfection and sanitising

Lightweight only 7kg (total) (350g - spray gun)


Protect Customers, Colleagues and the Public with this professional Italian made sanitising Oil-Free compressor from NARDI. • SPECIALLY designed for the disinfection and sanitising of all types of environments and surfaces. • Sprays and micro nebulises sanitising liquid from its unique spray gun with specially designed nozzle. • Produces a very fine dry mist down to 50 Microns or less (about 10 times finer than light rain) to ensure surfaces are disinfected but dry. This allows for safe spraying in hospitals, schools, offices, kitchens, shops and on equipment which is safe to use straight after spraying with no wastage of valuable sanitising liquid. • Low noise, lightweight portable design (7kg) for easy sanitising anywhere, including hard to reach and confined places. • Over 20,000 sold worldwide. Already in use in 1000’s of small and large businesses, primary schools, prison services, train companies, shops, hotels and hospitals.


Input Supply 230 V (13 A)

Motor 0.5hp (350w)

Max. Pressure 30psi (2bar)

Air & Liquid Delivery 60ltr/min

Noise Level 72dB(A)



Capacity 700ml

Air Nebulisation 50 microns

Working Pressure 30psi (2bar)

Air Hose Length 5m coiled

Weight 350g


SANY-AIR compressor manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI for the sole use of sanitization of surfaces such as tables, handles, switches, desks, chairs and any objects we come in contact with in our homes, our offices and working places and vehicles. It is ideal for disinfecting surfaces in schools, hospitals and clinics, nursing homes, medical centers, gymnasiums,  wellness centers, butcher shops, confectionary industries, bakeries, offices,  shops, bars, restaurants, hotels,  airports and train-stations, bus terminuses and many other public places.  SANY-AIR is a quick sanitizer thanks to the nebulization of the sanitizing product placed inside the container of the spraying pistol. 


Following instructions given by the World Health Organization, the best sanitizing solution for surfaces and environments is the following:  Ethanol 96% (white methylated spirit)  Hydrogen peroxide 3%  Sterilized distilled water

Being a flammable liquid. Keep away from heat sources, hot surfaces, sparks, fire flames and any other objects that might catch fire. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN To avoid breathing the nebulizing product when using SANY-AIR wear protective garments such as safety glasses, masks and gloves.

SANY + AIR 輕便型霧化消毒機

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