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GUNZBURGER rescue and work platform


Rescue and work platform

GS test according to DIN14830

Rescue people from the cab. Can be used as working platform. The platform is a stable aluminum structure with a non-slip surface (R13). Used in anti-skid insurance. The height of the supporting leg part can be adjusted ergonomically. Providing each engagement bolt security lock 265 mm. The leg part is foldable on both sides by four-sided automatic locking steel hinges. All four shelves are equipped with extensions, each of which can be adjusted 30 mm independently of each other, providing individual level adjustment. Railings can be folded on the left and right sides for transportation and storage of the wounded. Reduce the physical and mental stress of the deployed troops.

Luminous sign, good visibility in the dark.


Four rail extensions through level adjustment

With adjustable side rail extension


Track walking mechanism :

Additional accessories order number 116050

The simple assembly of the track walking mechanism allows the rescue platform to be quickly transformed into a transport device for transporting rescue equipment and injured persons. Especially for situations where access to the accident site is difficult, this is a practical and simple way to ensure quick assistance, with four axles with 300 mm rail wheels and lock wheels.

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