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Turbo series multifunctional water gun

The AWG Turbo series multi-function water gun has many advantages that can be mentioned, so that the water gun operator can still operate freely even when the line of sight is poor. In addition, its robust design fully guarantees excellent reliability, safety and speed.

Turbo-Twist系列多頭水槍 copy.png

Turbo-Twist series multi-head water gun

When users use the Turbo-Twist series multi-head water gun, they can quickly change the gun tip within a few seconds to meet the requirements of the current fire extinguishing situation. When used in conjunction with a variety of special-purpose gun tips, the switch valve with bayonet connection instantly becomes a multifunctional fire gun. Can provide gun tips for all standard applications, such as hollow flow and solid flow tips, as well as foam guns and special accessories for special purposes, so that you can enjoy the maximum flexibility of fire fighting and save fire trucks Space above.

SCHILD 1400 LPM-B.png

Water shield

Used to build large water curtains or water walls to prevent the intrusion of gas and smoke and to cool objects. The device can use water pressure to stand firmly, so no human monitoring is required during use. In addition, multiple devices can be used side by side to form a wider water barrier.

PISTOLE HDP1 D-MS DR 150L copy.png

High-pressure pistol type multi-function fire water gun

High-pressure pistol type multi-function fire water gun

TURBO-TAUCH-PUMPE B DIN 14426 copy.png

Hydraulic turbo pump

The portable bilge turbo pump consisting of a turbine and a pump is a fire pump driven by water. The product can be used for water intake and drainage. The clean drive water will not mix with the conveying medium.

The bilge turbo pump is particularly resistant to dirt and dry running.

Fire Equipments

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